Land Trading

No maintenance, No competition & No personal attention Small funding Fast paced opportunity.

Lands Trading is a very simple process where our expert team will guide you with some MMRDA and PMRDA areas where you find huge infrastructure developments.

Land Trading

We have two plans to deal with, secured investment plan and direct investment plan. We always make sure to deal with more focus on your investment as it is hard earned money which will help you to create a new world of happiness and prosperity.

What is Land Trading

  • Land Trading in buying and selling land for profits.
  • Land Trading is a marketplace for people to trade.
  • Land under the umbrella of Land – One World investors tend to diversify their funds into various asset classes for higher returns.
  • Investing into real estate especially in India tend to give returns.
  • India is moving fast towards urbanization which can be best seen in metros specially Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Pune MMRDA and PMRDA area.

It is not about Guntha or Acres it is all about
Growth and Prosperity

Land trading is very simple and easy process of buying and selling land. The entire process is complete remotely online there days. Vacant land offers an investment opportunity that is often overlooked by many investors. Land is a “fixed asset” means there is sense of comfort in knowing that you are investing in something that physically exists.

Buying vacant land is indeed more affordable then buying a land that already has buildings or structures on it. If you want to embark on real estate investing, You can start by purchasing land and do what you have to do about it. You either build on it or let it appreciate as it is. Also, the insurance are much lower than when you purchase a property.

Land investment also doesn’t require you to hire and pay a property manager to supervise your vacant land or stress yourself. Since you don’t have to shell out a significant amount of money to vacant land, you can always pay it for cash. Investing in Vacant land is hands-Off, Long Term investment As it doesn’t take up much of your time and efforts. It’s an excellent investment for those people who want less stress in life.

Why Land Trade

  • Buying land at low value and selling it at higher value to earn profits.
  • Land Trading is a platform for everyone to trade land under the umbrella of Lands – One World.
  • Investing into Real Estate especially in India tends to give investor higher returns. India is moving rapidly towards urbanization with can be best seen in metro cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Pune etc.
  • Land Trading is the current need of market, As there are instabilities in other market investments. Land is stable, immovable asset where growth in profits can be seen easily.
  • Land Trading has minimum market risk, As it involves 100% security of your investment.

Why choose to Invest in Land Trading

Where to Invest?

To get assured returns invest where the government is investing. MMC Corridor – A leap of development for Mumbai.

How & Where

Buying a land is much easier in every aspect, you can easily research to find a favorable and desirable plot for yourself within your paperwork’s are also less complicated this case.

When it comes to investing in real estate, Land is the most preferred form of property. However While buying a land, location is the most important factor to invest in because if you are investing your valuable amount in prime areas then your investment turns out to be logical investment.

Invest today for prosperous tomorrow

Buying land in india for investment or for living is considered to be a major move financially and emotionally. Unlike other assets (Gold, Stock, Mutual Funds, and Bonds etc.) land is the the safest investment for the better prospects. If we take a closer look at demand and supply, then the demand for land will always exist but the land is limited. Your return can be exponential in just a couple of years.

We have very simple and hassle free process where you can buy a land as per your choice and budget. Land is the only asset which can be utilized as per the requirement that is why we are offering buy back facility also which can claimed in 1-5 years.

Development around our Location

Infrastructure development leads to appreciation
in value of the land


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Mission Next door – It is good having someone with the same profession, same vison to share all your thoughts and worries. Normally we don’t find this unique concept as community neighborhood.’ We are proudly announcing Mission Next Door Concept Where we can came together and make the neighborhood better for everyone. It is a golden opportunity to come together and share every moment as special moment.

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